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Use of cookies by Novotel & ibis Melbourne Central Hotel Luxury Accommodation

You are advised that Novotel & ibis Melbourne Central Hotel Luxury Accommodation uses cookies or other tracers on its website

These tracers may be installed on your device depending on the preferences that you expressed or may express at any time in accordance with this policy.

Why have a cookies policy?

With a view to provide information and ensure transparency, Novotel & ibis Melbourne Central Hotel Luxury Accommodation established this policy so that you can learn more about:

The origin and purpose of the information processed when you browse
Your rights with regard to cookies and other tracers used by Novotel & ibis Melbourne Central Hotel Luxury Accommodation.
What is a cookie?

Cookies and other similar tracers are packets of data used by servers to send status information to a user’s browser and return status information to the original server through this same browser.

The status information can be a session identifier, a language, an expiration date, a response field or other types of information.

During their validity period, cookies are used to store status information when a browser accesses various pages of a website or when the browser returns to this website at a later point.

There are different types of cookies:

Session cookies, which are deleted as soon as you exit the browser or leave the website
Persistent cookies, which remain on your device until their expiration or until you delete them using the features of your browser

Why use cookies?

We use cookies and other tracers primarily for the following purposes:

Cookies strictly necessary for browsing the and the ability to use all of their features, and intended in particular to:

  • Manage authentication of website visitors and the associated security measures, and ensure proper functioning of the authentication module
  • Optimize the user experience and facilitate browsing, in particular determining “technical routes” for browsing
  • Store information regarding the “cookies” information banner seen by website visitors who then continue to browse the website after agreeing to accept cookies on their device

Implement security measures (for example, when you are asked to log in again for content or a service after a certain period of time, or to ensure basic operation of and use of their major technical features, such as monitoring of performance and browsing errors, management of user sessions, etc.)

Cookies for features intended in particular to:

  • Adapt to the display preferences of your device (language, currency, display resolution, operating system used, configuration and settings of the display of web pages based on the device you are using and its location, etc.)
  • Store specific information that you enter on in order to facilitate and customize your subsequent visits (including displaying the visitor’s first and last names if the visitor has a user account)
  • Allow you to access your personal pages more quickly by storing the login details or information that you previously entered

Cookies for visitor tracking are aimed at improving the comfort of users by helping us understand your interactions with (most visited pages, applications used, etc.); these cookies may collect statistics or test different ways of displaying information in order to improve the relevance and usability of our services.

Advertising cookies are intended to (i) offer you, in advertising spaces, relevant, targeted content that may be of interest to you (best offers, other destinations, etc.) based on your interests, browsing behavior, preferences, and other factors, and (ii) reduce the number of times that the advertisements appear.

Affiliate cookies identify the third-party website that redirected a visitor to

Social network cookies, set by third parties, allow you to share your opinion about and content from on social networks (for example, the “Share” or “Like” application buttons for social networks).

The social network applications on as mentioned above can in some cases allow the social networks concerned to identify you even if you did not click on the application button. This type of button can allow a social network to track your browsing on, simply because your account in the social network concerned is enabled on your device (open session) while you are browsing.

We recommend that you read the policies of these social networks to familiarize yourself with how they use the browsing information they may collect, especially with regard to advertising. These policies must specifically allow you to make choices on these social networks, particularly by configuring your user accounts for each of them.


The installation of certain cookies is subject to your consent. Also, when you first visit the, you are asked whether you agree to the installation of this type of cookie, which is only activated after your acceptance.

This process is supported by means of an information banner on the home page of the, which informs you that by continuing to browse, you are agreeing to the installation of cookies that require consent on your device.

You can change your mind at any time using the various methods described in section “Deleting and/or blocking cookies”.

You  may also review, modify or withdraw your consent by using the section below:

This website uses cookies
We may use cookies to customize the website content, to provide social media functionalities and analyze website traffic. Below you'll find more detailed informations about which cookie we're using and their purpose.

What are cookies?
Cookies are little bits of textual information which are used by the website to enhance user experience. Accept all cookies or choose which categories you want to allow.

Cookie Policy

Necessary cookies allow the website to behave properly enabling basic functionalities such as private area logins or the website navigation

Name Provider Purpose     Duration
_icl_current_language Site Internationalization   24 hours
CONSENT YouTube Cookie Consent for YouTube platform 16 years

Preference cookies allow to save user's preferences for the next visit. For example they could hold the user language.

Name Provider Purpose     Duration
_deCookiesConsentDeleteKey D-edge Cookie Consent   Remember user's consent on Cookies and consent Identifier. Session
_AccorTrackingDecoratorData D-EDGE Accor Platform This cookie is used to store the sourceID and MerchantID, needed for the correct functionality of the Accor Website plaftorm 30 days
fb_cookie_law_consent D-edge Cookie Consent     Remember user's consent on Cookies and consent Identifier. 12 months
_deCookiesConsentID D-edge Cookie Consent      Remember user's consent on Cookies and consent Identifier.   Session
_deCookiesConsent D-edge Cookie Consent Remember user's consent on Cookies and consent Identifier.   Session

Cookies of this kind are used to collect user's information about the navigation path with the end goal to analyze the statistics in an aggregated manner to enhance the website

Name Provider Purpose Duration
sbjs_first Source Buster JS   90 days
sbjs_current Source Buster JS   90 days
_gat_UA-101650041-20 Google Analytics Google Analytics allows user tracking to enhance the website performance and experience Session
sbjs_current_add Source Buster JS   90 days
sbjs_migrations Source Buster JS   90 days
sbjs_first_add Source Buster JS   90 days
ga_fastbooking_gid Google Analytics Google Analytics allows user tracking to enhance the website performance and experience 24 hours
ga_fastbooking Google Analytics Google Analytics allows user tracking to enhance the website performance and experience 2 years
YSC YouTube Contains an unique ID to keep statistics of what videos from YouTube the end-user has seen. Session
sbjs_session Source Buster JS   30 minutes
sbjs_udata Source Buster JS   90 days
VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE YouTube Users bandwidth estimation for video-playback on pages with YouTube videos. 6 months


Marketing and Ads
Marketing cookies will be used mainly by third party to create a user profile to track his behaviour and habits across the web for marketing purposes.

Name Provider Purpose  Duration
IDE Doubleclick Doubleclick is owned by Google. Doubleclick's main activity is real time bidding advertising exchange 1 year
_fbp Facebook Advertising   90 days
_gcl_au Google AdSense Used for experiments with advertisement efficiency across websites 90 days

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Deleting and/or blocking cookies

You have several options for deleting cookies and other tracers.

Browser settings

Although most browsers are set by default to accept cookies, you can, if you desire, choose to accept all cookies, always block cookies, or choose which cookies to accept based on their senders.

You can also set your browser to accept or block cookies on a case-by-case basis before they are installed. Your browser also allows you to regularly delete cookies from your device. Remember to configure all the browsers in your different devices (tablets, smartphones, computers, etc.).

Regarding management of cookies and your preferences, configuration varies for each browser. This is described in the Help menu of your browser, as well as how to edit your preferences with regard to cookies. For example:

For Microsoft Edge™:
For Safari™:
For Chrome™:
For Firefox™:
For Opera™:
Saving a cookie to your device depends on your wishes, which you can exercise and change at any time and free of charge using the settings offered by your browser software.

If your browser is set to accept cookies on your device, the cookies embedded in the pages and content that you view may be temporarily stored in a dedicated space on your device. They can only be read by their issuer.

However, you can set your browser to block cookies. Keep in mind that if you set your browser to block cookies, some features, pages and spaces on  will not be accessible, and we cannot be held responsible in this case.

Specialized advertising platforms

Several professional advertising platforms also give you the option to accept or block cookies used by companies that are members. These centralized mechanisms do not block the display of ads; they simply prevent the installation of cookies that tailor ads to your interests.

For example, you can visit the website to prohibit the installation of these cookies on your device. This website is offered by digital advertising professionals brought together within the European Digital Advertising Alliance (EDAA) and managed in France by Interactive Advertising Bureau France.