Your health and safety are our absolute priority here at Little Lonsdale Street, Melbourne.

We have some of the most stringent cleaning standards and operational protocols in the world of hospitality right here in Melbourne at the Novotel Melbourne Central and Ibis Melbourne Central, many of which are further enhanced above and beyond government guidelines and regulations.

Welcoming, safeguarding and taking care of others is at the very heart of what we do and who we are at Melbourne Central Hotels. The health, safety and well-being of our Heartists (team members), guests, loyalty members and partners remains our top priority as Victoria goes through the unprecedented challenges associated with Covid-19.

As a part of the Accor hotel network, we alongside many other sister brands here in Melbourne have been prioritising the safety and wellbeing of employees and customers and on a daily basis for more than 25 years, thanks to our high standards of hygiene and cleanliness applied by all our brands from Economy through to luxury. Today, due to the Covid-19 pandemic and to ensure guest safety with the continued operation of both Novotel Melbourne Central and Ibis Melbourne Central, we have elevated those norms even further by launching the ALLSAFE. This label and accreditation represents some of the most stringent cleaning standards and operational protocols in the world of hospitality and we are delighted to bring it all to life here in our two Melbourne hotels.

Following the recent launch of ALLSAFE and the announcement of the strategic partnership with Axa as part of the Accor Group’s recovery plan, Sébastien Bazin (Global CEO for Accor) reviews the key points of these initiatives that he has been working alongside our team in our Parisian headquarters with since the start of the global pandemic:

“Accor’s history and its geographical reach, including our operations in regions affected by previous outbreaks of infectious disease, means we have a strong track record and expertise that enables us to seamlessly adapt to new guest expectations” – Sebastian Bazin.


The ALLSAFE global cleanliness and prevention standards have been developed with and vetted by Bureau Veritas, a world leader in testing, inspections and certification. All the Group’s hotels must apply these standards and will be audited either by Accor operational experts or by third-party auditors such as Bureau Veritas to receive this label.

Enhanced Cleaning Protocols

New stringent cleanliness standards will be implemented and monitored across all Accor hotels and will include a reinforced cleaning program with frequent disinfection of all high-touch areas like elevators and public restrooms. An enhanced in room cleaning program using hospital grade cleaning materials will now be a standard across all Accor hotels.

Enhanced Training for our Teams (Heartists)

In the hotels, Accor will launch a new comprehensive safety and hygiene training program to ensure all employees worldwide have the skills and education necessary to protect themselves and our guests. Training and Education of employees around will also be included in the ALLSAFE label because of its essential role in the safety and well-being of all. Training will be widely deployed under the responsibility of on-site managers to ensure consistency and efficiency throughout the Accor network.

New Measures for Guest Contact

To ensure all guests remain safe and healthy during their stay, Accor is implementing new standards to ensure social distancing measures throughout the hotel and specifically in hotel public areas with the provision of individual sanitizer, wipes and masks upon check-in and signage to advise guests of the necessary restrictions.

The Enhancement of Food Safety Standards

In our  restaurants and bars, Accor is extending its healthy and sustainable food charter to better respond to the current context with new food safety standards that go beyond government and local regulations: maintaining 1.5 metres of distance across tables and maximum diners on a table or in a group above mandatory guidelines, all employees to wear masks and gloves in kitchens, sanitation gel products available in public restaurant areas, new procedures for buffet service or change from buffet to a la carte as well as enhanced employee training on awareness and cleanliness procedures… this just a few of the key points within the extensive list.

This is a historic challenge for not only Accor, but for hotels like Novotel Melbourne Central and Ibis Melbourne Central it is our people, owners and partners that we need to give true thanks to as we begin to re-engineer the way we work and offer the most personalised service to our guests. Their service to those needing accommodation, their flexibility to varied levels of demand and their dedication to our plan of recovery is all done so that our guests continue to enjoy their travel experience in complete comfort and safety.

For more information on our offering here at Melbourne Central hotels or to speak with one of our team members, please reach out via email, or via telephone, +61 3 9929 8888.

Sparkle Moments

How we continue to create sparkle moments in a Melbourne Hotel during COVID-19.

So many of us are unable to travel due to Government regulations, border closures and just a general fear of the unknown, which all makes sense at this time. With many hotels in Melbourne currently closed due to travel and tourism downturns, there are still a few of us open and servicing the needs of those guests that are traveling for essential reasons.

One thing that COVID-19 has taught us, is that there are new ways of experiencing everyday life. This includes the way we commute, travel and stay. Whilst restrictions continue to change, our obsessive passion for our guests here at the Novotel Melbourne Central and Ibis Melbourne Central has not. Of course we need to make sure that there are some extra precautions that need to take place, but by keeping a safe 1.5 metres in distance, adding a face mask and gloves, along with hand washing and sanitising frequently, we can still add that little bit of sparkle to every stay.

As business and leisure trips are now far and few between, it’s the moments hotels create now that will give lasting impressions. With rules and regulations placed around human connection, simple things like a smile can still be seen from behind a mask or the genuine nature of asking questions like, “how’s life treating you right now” that create memorable moments.

Here at the Melbourne Central Hotels, guests staying at either the Novotel or Ibis get an even greater sense of belonging as we go out of our way to create experiences known to us as “Sparkle Moments” and it’s up to our Heartists to put them all together, so no matter how distanced you feel when travelling, we aim to put a smile on everyone’s dial.

What is a sparkle moment?

A sparkle moment is an opportunity to surprise and delight and individual or group of people to enhance an experience, occasion or special moment at a point in time. In order to make these moments come to life it takes a thought that turns in to an idea whereby a number of collaborators (Heartists) come together to ensure every step of the process is meticulously laid out.

When visiting Melbourne and staying at a Melbourne Central Hotel, we ask guests to give us as many clues as possible in order to make sure we get every part of the stay just right. We want to create moments that last a lifetime when visiting the capital of culture, Melbourne. It does not matter if you choose to stay at the 4.5 star Novotel Melbourne Central or the 3.5 star Ibis Melbourne Central, we treat all guests with the same care, comfort and service from the heart.

Whether it may be a birthday, anniversary, proposal, once in a lifetime holiday or just a simple weekend getaway to de-stress from everyday life. The more information you provide us with gives our special SPARKLE SQUAD the information needed to create that perfect sparkle moment.

Who & what is a Heartist?

A Heartist is simply our people – what we live and breathe at Accor Hotels. It is the centre of every decision we make within our community which is made up of team members, guests, contractors, suppliers and any one person or people that are linked to our hotels.

The word HEARTIST is simply broken down by the combination of 2 words:

  1. Heart – “We are generous and our decisions come from the heart”
  2. Artist – “We are experts in curating thoughts and experiences”

The joining of these 2 words represent our Feel Welcome philosophy here at Accor and the art of human connection is the key to what we do each and every day. Made up of 4 key principles, we are guest obsessed and experience driven whether that be simply with a smile on a grey day or a little something to help celebrate that momentous occasion, here at Novotel Melbourne Central and Ibis Melbourne Central it is something that comes naturally to use each and every day.

Have you been showered in Sparkles?

Don’t forget, there are so many ways to show off your sparkle moments. Have you been sparkled by the team at Novotel Melbourne Central or Ibis Melbourne Central? If you have, make sure you share your special moments with us using the hash tag #melbournecentralmoment or #sparklesquad on either Facebook or Instagram @melbournecentralhotels.

Whilst we are still fully operating to service the needs of guests requiring hotel accommodation in Melbourne, we can’t wait to have more of you back and selecting Melbourne as your place to stay for business or leisure. We are Accor ALLSAFE accredited and cannot wait to see you for your next night away. For more information about staying with us at Novotel Melbourne Central or Ibis Melbourne Central, please call us on +61 3 9929 8888, email us at or click BOOK NOW at the top of your screen to select your hotel and dates of stay.