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The Absolute Coolest Rooftop Bars in Melbourne Central

Melbourne is a vibe. We all know this. From its artsy laneways to its world-famous coffee spots, there's a certain magic here that you just can't find anywhere else. And if you love pairing your drinks with a killer view, then Melbourne's rooftop bars are where it's at. 

These elevated hangouts offer the perfect blend of stunning cityscapes, chill atmospheres, and of course, top-notch beverages. Plus, some of the best spots are right in the heart of Melbourne Central. In this guide, we're diving into the coolest rooftop bars that Melbourne Central has to offer!


For the Laid-back Vibe: Rooftop Bar on Russell Street


Rooftop Bar on Russell Street is the spot if you're looking for a casual hangout with a touch of class. This open-air venue exudes a relaxed vibe, perfect for sipping craft beers, indulging in delicious cocktails, or enjoying a fine selection of wines while catching up with friends or savouring a solo sundowner. It's the kind of place where unpretentious charm meets friendly service, making it a quintessential Melbourne classic.

This spot has always been a trendy favourite, but it’s recently undergone a full transformation, taking its style and offerings to a new level. The newly appointed executive chef, Nic Wood, has crafted a Mediterranean-inspired menu to be shared from sunrise to sundown. Picture yourself diving into signature dishes like snapper cannoli, lobster cocktails, and even a cheeky ice cream sandwich for dessert. It’s all about fresh flavours and fun dining experiences here.


For the 80s Enthusiast: Good Heavens Rooftop Bar


Good Heavens Rooftop Bar

If you're in the mood for a rooftop bar combining killer cocktails with a vibrant atmosphere, look no further than Good Heavens. Perched above Fancy Hank’s, this expansive rooftop spot is the biggest in Melbourne’s CBD, boasting space for up to 400 people. Good Heavens is always buzzing with energy, no matter the weather – balmy or brisk, sunny or overcast.

The bar offers a mix of classic favourites – think Old Fashioneds, Whiskey Sours, and Negronis – all with a twist. Imagine your Old Fashioned spiked with smoked orange bitters or salted caramel syrup. Plus, thanks to the downstairs smoker, even the syrups get a smoky upgrade. With a dedicated list of Martinis, an expansive wine selection, cocktails on tap, and around 40 beer taps, there’s something to quench every thirst.


Parisian Panorama: The Emerald Peacock


The Emerald Peacock is a little gem that offers a covered rooftop which will keep you warm and toasty with ample heaters and simmering mulled wine during the colder months, all while maintaining that fresh, alfresco drinking and dining experience we all love.

The Emerald Peacock boasts a beer and wine list that's constantly evolving, featuring selections from across Australia and around the globe. And if cocktails are your thing, you’re in for a treat. Their cocktail menu puts a modern twist on classic mixes, ensuring there's always something new and exciting to sip on. 

The real star is the lantern-lit rooftop. Its relaxed vibe and stunning city views make it the perfect setting for mingling with friends, celebrating special occasions, or unwinding after a hectic day. The charming and inviting atmosphere makes every visit feel like a mini getaway.


Beyond Rooftop Bars: Exploring Melbourne's Hidden Gems


Past the rooftops, Melbourne's laneway bars, which may be tucked away and hard to find, offer some of the city's best drinks, vibes, and service. Here’s a quick rundown of the top spots you need to check out:


Beneath Driver Lane

Located in an old bank vault, this bar is perfect for cocktail and whisky lovers. Its unique blend of Melbourne, Chicago, and Diagon Alley vibes makes it a great place to enjoy a Reuben sandwich at 2 a.m., blues music, and top-notch service.

Little Lon

Situated in Melbourne's historic former red-light district, Little Lon is a boutique gin distillery and tasting bar. Enjoy superb gin cocktails in a building steeped in history.

Mitre Tavern

Dating back to 1837, this heritage-listed pub is a bustling laneway favourite with a relaxed atmosphere, diverse drinks list, and even a resident ghost. Perfect for after-work drinks and soaking up some history.

Where to stay to access Melbourne’s best bars

If you’re planning a visit to Melbourne and want to make the most of its vibrant rooftop bar scene, Novotel Melbourne Central is the ideal home base. Situated in the heart of the CBD, right next to Hardware Lane, our hotel offers unbeatable convenience and comfort, making every moment of your stay matter.

You can also effortlessly hop on a tram to Docklands or Southbank, enjoying the scenic routes as you head towards some of Melbourne’s top rooftop bars. Plus, with Melbourne Central and Emporium just a stone’s throw away, you can indulge in some retail therapy before sipping cocktails at sunset.